16 May 2013
Place To Eat In KL
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Dining in Kuala Lumpur

There have been countless times that you have read or heard about how Malaysia is a country renowned for its amazingly diverse and flavourful food culture. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and obviously is no exception when it comes to providing these amazing foods. Dining in Kuala Lumpur is one thing but knowing where to dine and what to eat is another.

So, today we present to you a few places that in our opinion is a must-visit for dining in Kuala Lumpur.

Banana Leaf Rice at Sri Nirwana Maju, Bangsar

“Just across the road from Bangsar Village is Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju and the first thing to tell you about this place is that whenever I saw it, it was full. A tell tale sign you know you’re onto a winner. They serves their rice in a banana leaf, and although this isn’t the only the reason it’s always busy, I think it’s a nice little perk. They do lots of awesome Indian food, with curries being a speciality. Slobber over it while sitting inside or out.”

banana leaf rice 300x300 Dining in Kuala Lumpur

Banana Leaf Rice

Article by: Asiarooms.com – 5 Best Places to Eat in Kuala Lumpur


Fine Dining in Marini’s on 57

“Towering above all other food and beverage outlets in town, Marini’s on 57 is the latest in vogue place to be. A super convenient location in the heart of the city sees the crowds flock after work and the multitude only thickens as the evening progresses.”

marinis on 57 200x300 Dining in Kuala Lumpur

Marini’s on 57

Article by: The Yun List – Marini’s on 57, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Tex-Mex at Frontera

“Fast becoming the in-place for latin food lovers, salsa fans, Mexican beer aficionados, and good loving people, at Frontera, everyday is a fiesta featuring an ever-expanding selection of authentic Tex-Mex gastronomy and 100% Agave tequilas!”

sizzling fajita platter iamthewitch 200x300 Dining in Kuala Lumpur

Sizzling Fajita Platter (Photo Source: www.iamthewitch.com)

Taken from: Frontera’s Website


All Things Pork at S.Wine

“Nestled in a far corner at Ben’s Independent Grocer, S.Wine (as you can tell by its name) specialises in everything pork. From continental pork salads to crispy roast pork, the menu of piggy delights will satisfy the most orthodox of pork lovers.”

s.wine  300x185 Dining in Kuala Lumpur


Taken from: Time Out Kuala Lumpur – S.Wine


Specially Brewed Coffee in Beans Depot @ Petaling Jaya

“A one-of-a-kind playground for coffee connoisseurs: Beans Depot provides a potent brew of excitement & enlightenment for lovers of the latte lifestyle. Single-origin beans galore populate this place; visitors can create blends of their choosing, experiment with brewing techniques & try their hand at being a barista. All the equipment here is at everyone’s disposal.”

beansdepot eatdrinkkl 225x300 Dining in Kuala Lumpur

Beans Depot (Photo Source: www.eatdrinkkl.com)

Article by: Eat Drink KL – Beans Depot @ Petaling Jaya

Indulge and enjoy the diverse and flavourful food culture of Malaysia, we promise you that dining in Kuala Lumpur will become a whole other experience all on its own.

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