3 May 2013
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Why Hotels in Bukit Bintang are Perfect for Travellers

Bukit Bintang is home to a multitude of hotels ranging from big to small and this is indeed a sign for travellers, especially if you have never been to Kuala Lumpur. So, why are there so many hotels in Bukit Bintang? You see, every year Kuala Lumpur attracts an excessive amount of tourist and the most apparent of destinations is Bukit Bintang. Seeing as how Bukit Bintang is a magnet for tourists, naturally there would be hotels to cater to these tourists.

So, what makes hotels in Bukit Bintang the perfect choice of accommodation? The reason is simple; Bukit Bintang is the hub for all things hip and entertaining. It is a popular locale for locals and tourists with plenty of attractions being just within the vicinity.

Bukit Bintang at Night 300x193 Why Hotels in Bukit Bintang are Perfect for Travellers

During the day, Bukit Bintang is the commercial and entertainment district where people enjoy dining in some of the best restaurants that the city has to offer. Here, one can sample the many famous local cuisines and taste first hand why Malaysia is famed for having some of the world’s most flavourful food cultures.

Additionally, Bukit Bintang also plays host to various shopping malls such as Pavilion Shopping Mall, Lot 10 and Starhill Gallery among many others. Pavilion offers some of the finest in designer boutiques where you can find all the latest in fashion while the many smaller boutiques along Bukit Bintang offer various independent clothing apparels. Needless to say, it is one of the best places to shop in the city.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Entrance Why Hotels in Bukit Bintang are Perfect for Travellers

Come nightfall Bukit Bintang is transformed with bars in Changkat opening its doors to the public. Enjoy a pint or two as you indulge in the colourful city nightlife of Kuala Lumpur and perhaps you fancy a dance in one of the many clubs just minutes away from Changkat.

With everything right within your fingertips, the many hotels in Bukit Bintang makes for an ideal choice of accommodation for travellers. Among the forefront of boutique hotels is Apple Hotel Bintang

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