26 June 2013
Place To Eat In KL
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Enjoy Local Food in Kuala Lumpur with Ramadan Bazaars

bazaar ramadan 2010 03 thumb 150x150 Enjoy Local Food in Kuala Lumpur with Ramadan BazaarsEvery year, there is a particular month that Muslims around the world will embark on a month-long fasting period as required by their religious beliefs. That month is July and it has become synonymous with the fasting period in Malaysia.

This act is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam and Muslims will fast from dusk to sunset everyday with the interval between the next dusk as their period to break fast. It is at this time that some of the tastiest local food in Kuala Lumpur is ready for purchase.

Known as the Ramadan Bazaars, vendors set up stalls along streets all over the city to sell the many delicious local food in Kuala Lumpur with the ‘Ayam Percik’ being amongst the most popular. The Ramadan Bazaars are not only for the Muslims though as Malaysia is a multi-cultured nation, non-Muslims are welcomed to patronize these stalls as well.

“As the fasting month begins, stalls and bazaars sprout around the city, offering an array of delicious fare for Muslims to break their fast.”

bazaar ramadan 2010 01 www.tourism.gov .my  300x265 Enjoy Local Food in Kuala Lumpur with Ramadan Bazaars

Photo Source: www.tourism.gov.my

Article by: Tourism Malaysia – Ramadan Bazaar

If you are in Kuala Lumpur come July, you should not and will not miss the Ramadan Bazaars as the evening draws closer you will see more and more stalls being opened to introduce the goodness that is local food in Kuala Lumpur. Bukit Bintang has one of the best Ramadan Bazaars in the city and is only a short walk from Apple Hotel Bintang.

Bazaar Ramadan Bukit Bintang

Source: Backpacking Malaysia – Bazaar Ramadan Bukit Bintang


Bangsar Ramadan Bazaar

“Located in front of the Bangsar mosque and food court, this bazaar has several highlights, including the Portuguese-style seafood which is offered in fiery red gravy, selling at RM5 per serving.”

Article by: Malaysian Digest – Klang valley’s Top 10 Ramadan Bazaars


Kampung Sungai Penchala Ramadan Bazaar

“The people have spoken last year (well, on Twitter anyway) to say that the food at Kampung Sungai Penchala (off Taman Tun Dr Ismail, PJ) is superb. Look out for the dessert selection here as it is pretty immense.”

ramadhanpromotions www.timeoutkl.com  300x185 Enjoy Local Food in Kuala Lumpur with Ramadan Bazaars

Photo Source: www.timeoutkl.com

Article by: Time Out Kuala Lumpur – Ramadan Bazaars

Indulge in the variety of local food in Kuala Lumpur and join in on the fun with the locals that are the Ramadan Bazaars for the entire month of July.

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