Central Market Kuala Lumpur

The market is now a one stop center for handicrafts that can be found in this amazing country. If you are considering a souvenir to take back home as a keepsake of your holidays right here, then this is the location where you will absolutely discover something worth purchasing.

kuala lumpur central market Central Market Kuala Lumpur

Central Market Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Central Market is among the oldest structures in KL. The origin of the building dates back to the 1880s and not remarkably, it has actually been classified as a Heritage website by the Malaysian heritage society.

Slated for demolition during the 1980s, possibly due to the economic downturn then, the building was offered a brand-new lease of life when it was renovated and developed into what it is today. The locals right here have actually affixed several various names to represent its major destination. The English speaking residents call it the “Cultural Bazaar” while the Malays called the marketplace as “Pasar Seni” (This is the Malay phrase for Invention market or Cultural market).

And real to its various tags, the Kuala Lumpur Central Market is the location where you can get a wide diversity of high quality inventions produced by regional artisans. They range from the traditional native beadworks; traditionally hand weaved gilded textile called “Songket”, creative wood carvings from the locals of Borneo to the vibrant and dynamic “Batik” fabric.

There is a hawker center located on the 2nd floor of the complex if you are looking to grab a bite to eat after all the shopping.

The options of local cuisine here is pretty good, but not what I would categorize as wonderful. If you are searching for a cool beer, there is a bar called the “Bull Head” found on the very beginning on the left side of the main entrance. The meat and kidney pie is terrific, much better than a few of the pies that I have tasted in the U.K.

Opening hours for Kuala Lumpur Central Market is from 10am to 10pm daily but some shops open in the morning a little later around 11am.

To obtain to Central Market, the simplest method is to take the Putra LRT train and get off at the “Pasar Seni” station. As you exit the station, you will have the ability to see the market straight opposite the high road.

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