Discover What Todo In Bukit Bintang

If you visit Kuala Lumpur then you must visit Bukit Bintang, especially if you enjoy shopping as this is one of Asia’s best places for doing just that, as well dining and entertainment. This area is packed full of movie theatres, coffee shops, restaurants and endless shopping malls. You will find this location crammed full of locals and tourists on a daily basis, and they are all looking for a bargain. Below are listed three of the best shopping malls that you should make sure you visit.

What Todo In Bukit Bintang? – Bukit Bintang Plaza

Opened way back in 1979 it is one of the area’s oldest shopping malls, the main shop is Metro Jaya, a well-known departmental store, and includes a lot of other stores selling traditional Malay wares, and a high number of sports shops. Due to its age this mall is not very big.

What Todo In Bukit Bintang? – Berjaya Times Square

This was only opened in 2010 and follows the recent trend of bigger is better. This is a massive with 10 floors and over 700 stores. It even includes an IMAX theatre, bowling alley, 5 star hotel, and a theme park, as well as other things you wouldn’t expect to find in a shopping mall. This is one of the favored places for the young to hang out at weekends, and you can spend half a day here, more if you are going to a restaurant and the theatre.

little india brickfields  Discover What Todo In Bukit Bintang

Discover What Todo In Bukit Bintang

What Todo In Bukit Bintang? Low Yat Plaza

If you have ever been to Sim Lim Square in Singapore then this place is its twin. The whole mall is jam packed with electronics and gadgets and you can spend hours looking around here. Prices are always competitive and you can haggle to get a discount. Over 500 stores are here all selling the latest IT products, covering a total of 7 floors.

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