National Planetarium Malaysia

The National Planetarium (Planetarium Negara) is easily found in Kuala Lumpur’s Lake Gardens, the green lung in the heart of the city.

The structure, which was opened to the general public in 1993 and has been skillfully created to resemble a blue-domed mosque, sits on a little hill between the Bird Park and the National Gallery.

To be honest the exhibitions inside are not that outstanding however there are a few highlights. There is a mock-up of the interior of the International Space Station revealing the sleeping and commode plans. Quite interesting!

pla20 National Planetarium Malaysia

National Planetarium Malaysia

The space suit of the first Malaysian astronaut is on display together with instances of the ready dish packs he took into area including Malaysian thrills such as Nasi Lemak!

There is supposed to be an observatory and telescope in the tower which looks like a minaret but it is was either closed down during our check out or we overlooked it.

In the grounds of the National Planetarium there are some replicas of ancient Chinese and Indian observatories as well as a replica of Stonehenge or, in this case, Fibre-Glass Henge!

The main highlight of the see for us was unquestionably the Omnimax-style film projected on the interior roofing of the dome. Seated on comfy reclining cinema chairs the significant screen provides a panoramic viewing impact that boosts the content of the film.

We saw ‘Dawn of the Area Age’ an intriguing history of room exploration and the rivalry in between the USA and USSR. There are currently 5 various films screened every day. These are, in addition to the one we saw, ‘Fly Me to The Moon’, ‘Passport to the Universe’, ‘Solar Storm’ and a large-format film, ‘Furusato, Globe Ancestry Viewed from Area’.

Taking 3 years to develop, the National Planetarium complicated houses a tilted dome theater at its very heart. The unique design of the theater postured a terrific obstacle to the task architects, engineers and structure service providers. The exacting requirements of the planetarium and the large-format movie projectors postured much more powerful difficulties. Lots of troubles had to be overcome and it took two years for all equipment and shows to be totally commissioned.

In spite of the troubles, the National Planetarium has actually been able to perform numerous successful academic tasks with public schools and the public. Now the National Planetarium plays a crucial function in advertising room science to society at huge and leading Malaysia to the advancement of area science.

Offered the complexity where lots of different providers had to be precisely coordinated, coupled with the reality that no one in the country had any previous experience in many facets of the works to be done, the effective completion of the complicated and commissioning of all the devices in it with minimum delay was an outstanding accomplishment.

We saw ‘Dawn of the Space Age’ a fascinating history of space exploration and the rivalry between the USA and USSR. Taking 3 years to construct, the National Planetarium intricate houses a tilted dome movie theater at its really heart. The exacting demands of the planetarium and the large-format movie projectors postured even more formidable obstacles.

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